Come to our bout!


Who are the Kornstalkers?

The Kornstalkers are Iowa’s premier (and first) Men’s Roller Derby team. Based out of Sioux City, Iowa but recruiting skaters from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, the Kornstalkers are hoping to lead the way in the field of “mano e mano” quadskating violence. Roller Derby is a sport open to all body types, ages and athletic abilities.

Anyone with the heart, desire, and lack of self-preservation is welcome to come and play. We are looking for men with a love of the sport, a willingness to try, and the dedication to continue to show up despite being full of bumps, lumps and bruises.

We Give Back

We are a non-profit, skater owned and operated franchise that donates all profits to benefit local charities and organizations.

About Men’s Derby

Men’s Roller Derby follows the same rules laid out by WFTDA, and is an amazing, fast paced, hard hitting sport that is a thrill to watch and twice as much fun to play.